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Morning started later and it was necessary after these intensives days of work. As an encouragement the the leasure, the weather was wonderful, hot and sunny and it's clear now that spring has started. For all who come from mountaineous regions or from Scandinavia, it is a unique opportunity to catch a little part of this energy before coming back in the deep and dark winter. That is why wo decided to do our evaluation of the seminar, outdoors, firstly by groups and after all togthere. 
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After the lunch, we wanted also to thank the Espaça de Tempo team for all their help, kindness and patience that have contributed to create these good feelings.
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After, we delivered an official diploma of "landscape ambassador" capability. We decided to do it in the patio, a nice and quite place very well adapted to landscape reflexion. 
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You know what? I am very proud of the work done by everybody during this seminar and I wanted to thank my students for their involvement and motivation all along this time...

Now (3.00 pm) students have desappeared in the landscape. We will all meet togesther for a lst dinner this evening and after that will be the come back to our own little poor realities.

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